Dungeon Must Haves

I have talked to quite a few people on this, but what are your top things you’d like to see in a dungeon?

I am trying to get some ideas of what people would love to see in dungeons in Endless.

  1. Bosses and mini bosses.
  2. Rare Loot
  3. Engaging Encounters instead of just a hack n slash.

Just some examples, feel free to list as many as you want and be as detailed as you want.


I think all of those would be nice to have. Would add level of excitement.


everything you listed as well as
possible difficulity modifier to do harder dungeon for more or rarer loot/exp
possible optional timed dungeons for rewards based on how quickly
pet, companion, mount, crafting recepi drops
storyline quest dungons/raids
PVP planet dungeons with dfferent loots
possible instance dungeons so its set scenario/quests with lesser loot cuz repeatable and memorizable
dungeon quests that lead to other dungeon quests
random changing dungeons
party/group not just gathering together
ability to vote on party
dice rolls
daily quests dungeons
questlines near dungeon that lead up to dungeon
reputation factions and rewards
dungeon buffs
exploits to exploit lmao
questline dungeons that story evolve over time (ex: expansion, story continues, world changes)
set static dungeons
random spawn dungeons
1 off dungeons
repeatable dungeons
cosmetic drops
some bosses that survive and story continues over time, into raids or more dungeons
emotes, items, and toys to play with while waiting in dungeons with people
multipliers of difficulty scale/ extra effects or debuffs
world bosses and raids 50 people maxxed out could do, or 500 people lvl 1s lol


Definitely rare loot specific to that dungeon, that would lead to repeat play of that dungeon, and not a “one and done” bit of content


We are trying to avoid people using them to avoid content to just achieve the highest level the fastes they can. We are trying to create something that takes longer than 3 to 6 months to reach end game content ahead of new content being released.


Thats a great idea, good to hear it

My Dungeon must haves

  1. Mobs that require stun/silence/crowd control
  2. Party aspect that requires Tank/Healers
  3. Coordination among team members
  4. Dungeons with themes, Jumping puzzles, Different mobs but of same race/kind but mixes (Melee, Ranged, Healing)
  5. Instanced party 5/6 man content with ability to increase difficulty for increased rewards
  6. Fixed dungeons for leveling
  7. Random generated dungeon for progression/fun
  8. Fun and frustrating
  9. Open areas that promote Common goal/communal approach
  10. Dungeon Prefix/Suffix that can add different elements to difficulty

I’m not too familiar with dungeons so I will leave the suggestions to those who know more about them and will make better suggestions. :joy: Just please make sure that there’s good music in the background and plenty of sound effects. Boost that electronic dopamine.


The more unique and challenging the dungeon the better. I don’t want to go to different dungeons and do the same thing over and over to get the same result (lootwise). As far as anything else I like what Jaidic, Ardele and Red had to say on the content in those dungeons.


Would fully random dungeons where the path to the boss is new each time be interesting to you? I hate wow and FF same thing over and over and over. No variation at all.

I had discussed with @Ardele and others the possibility of maybe even in the random dungeons pathways can change in 1 or 2 places for simple random dungeons and for the harder ones more would change so you actually had variability to make the dungeon more interesting and the same way in wouldn’t always be the same way out.

Obviously we would have to make it to where it wasn’t so much someone would be stuck in there for 5 hours BUT if done right I think it can add to the fun and replayability of dungeons

Yes, that would be amazing to go in not knowing what you were going to get. It’s the replayability that would be important to me as well as not having to do the same mission over and over in each dungeon. Very interested to see that and how it would play out.