World Builder or No World Builder?

What would you think if by the time we have rentable planets introduced, if there was a World Builder. Basically a generator that would show you terrain and plant life based off of setting you could select from and Design your base World and upload the generation settings file to generate said world when you rent a world?


Well, I don’t know …
I like the idea of a WorldBuilder to play around with …
But the only WorldBuild I know (from that other game :slight_smile: )
is way too complicated for me.

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We could have it “Apple” way, you open it up, it generates something.
Then, the deeper you go into settings, the more you can change :slight_smile:



Give us documents on how to use it or keep it simple and I am in.


Yes I think that the world builder idea is something that would be great especially with additional stuff like ciprian mentioned.


I like the idea of having a base to start with where you decided on colours, landmass, trees, caves and water masses? Then the game makes a suggestive world and you get to change it up somewhat to fit your needs. That and the ability to delete and start over for the same money :slight_smile: