What kind of races would you want to see in Endless?

Playable or Nonplayable, what types of races excite you? including any race that wouldn’t exist in our universe

Block characters (minecraft/boundless) :stuck_out_tongue:
Plant creatures
magic types

what kinds of creature race possibility ideas do you all have?

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My thoughts are a little scattered so apologies before hand. :wink:

I never considered Boundless block characters. :nerd_face:Simple but better than Minecraft IMO. :stuck_out_tongue:

I like most of those on the list. I’m a little lukewarm about the robots. Cyborgs could be pretty cool .

I would probably like animals the most for hunting but some exotic/alien monsters could potentially be better.

Humanoids could be good.

Just a spontaneous idea for a monster, a Cthulhu type monster/titan .

I’d like to see more forest based magic style. Dryad, Spriggan, Animalistic based magic race :slight_smile:

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I’m pretty open to most races. I would just like to see a variety of very different races to choose from to suit the variety of play styles out there. To me, humans and robots aren’t as interesting as anything else out there but there may be people who want that as well. I’d love to see plant-based, animals, and some magic involved in somewhere in there though.

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