What is your FAVORITE RPG System and why?

I am beginning to start the groundwork of planning out the RPG System. @taarna23 will be heading up the Crafting System.

So to get some ideas on the systems that are out there and the various likes and dislikes that folks have, I want some input from you guys!

  1. What is your favorite RPG System
  2. Why is it your Favorite, what do you like it about it.
  3. What do you not like about it?
  4. What are some of the things you feel it is missing?
  5. What is your number 1 complaint about your favorite RPG System?
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I like the RPG mechanics in GTA games. Get good at running by running. Get fat from too little exercise. Get good at building by building. Get good at chiseling by chiseling.

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  • What is your favorite RPG System

Collectibles that mean something. Like rare drop parts for a cool tool, weapon. artwork, armor set, etc.

  • Why is it your Favorite, what do you like it about it.

The sense of accomplishment when you fulfill/complete one of these things, and have something to cool to show for it.

  • What do you not like about it?

Running out of things to collect. More importantly, when 4 of 5 items are free to collect, but the last is locked behind a paywall. Thats never fun!

  • What are some of the things you feel it is missing?

Some games have great little mechanics like this, but they are few and far between. Once someone has put in the time and collected everything, you have to wait for potentially new items in updates. Those can also be few and far between.

  • What is your number 1 complaint about your favorite RPG System?

I would elaborate upon my previous statement and say that its bittersweet to :100: a collection. If something like this gets introduced, I would just hope to see new items added semi-regularly to keep engagement. Also a plus if they are able to be collected without an additional paywall.

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Good info we will add it to our documentation as discussion points!

Please never put anything besides cosmetics behind a paywall!

I too like collecting sets. I like the way it works in Diablo.

RNG generated dungeons in Diablo are cool too.

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As far as we have decided:

  • Rentable Worlds
  • Cosmetics
  • The Monthly Sub 

is all we have currently planned for micro-transactions. Also remember the built in discounts as a reward for keeping a sub paid 4+ months - 10%, 7+ Months 20% and 13+ months 30% discount. Without having to pay in 6 month or 1 year amounts to get a discount.

All game items will only be obtained in game (Except the backer rewards)

Cosmetics will simply provide a look change, nothing more not even a stat change. JUST LOOK!

Rentable Worlds will give a player a space to be by themselves, lock to only friends or guild mates or make public at their discretion.

I know some would argue that Rentable Worlds are pay to win but as they offer no true in game advantage we disagree.

**Everyone on the team agrees that Endless Voxels WILL NOT be a p2w game **

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I really like the simplicity of ark survivals stat system. Level your stats as your progress but also craft new and better armor as you progress.

Skill system can be something like you craft a book for gardening and progress through the tasks in the book to learn new skills or whatever .

Or as you do missions you gain scrolls bound to your character that teach you new abilities or skills or ect.
No matter what you choose please don’t mimic the system boundless has its really not great.

Also need turtle pets land turtles/ sea turtles. Breed them farm them ride them harvest them for there shells to make armour. Hope to see the progress being made as time goes by early things may not look pretty but for true gamers we can see the beauty in what’s to come.

I like in Conan how different builds can access different areas in raids. Like it’s useful to have a climber and a baggage guy specced on the team.

I also “like” having cold and hot areas and needing to drink water to stay hydrated.

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