What are your plans in Endless?

As not as much of a builder myself, i look forward to the RPG elements and story progression, while also being able to go back to my home in a community and progress socially as well. Feeling less constraint on only having to gather and either sell or give to a builder, RP and Story progression with the community and evolving worlds and society excites me. I look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with as the universe grows

Also, I’m gonna make more Tardis image


I would love to see more interactive elements such as RPG with quest design and story progression. Building wise…I am more of a gatherer/collector for the master engineers. So Grunt work is the name of my game. Being limited or specializing a role (Such as miner, farmer, hunter, etc) is what I’d love to see. This way players can call on each other to do things and depend on each other.

RPG wise…I am a hybrid by nature. Druid is my favorite but healing is where I did best in WoW. I would love to see progressive PvE content and bring back groups and large scale fun!