Universe structuring

I already mentioned this idea to dragontamer but imma leave it here too

alright so this isnt the best photo but ill use it to describe my idea for universe structuring

so you got all these galaxies/universes/whatever you call em, each one with a star in the middle or something so you know where all the tiers are

the farther away from its star, the higher the tier (the plantlife gets less sunlight, thus the planet is harder to breathe on)

in the middle you got the exoworld belt, what it circles is TBD but all of the exoworlds have a red outline because they are extremely hot. when it gets close enough to a star, it cools down and the hot atmosphere oxidizes (which creates all of the little meteor things around the exoworlds) when an exo gets too far away again, the exo-meteors crash down and the sanctum elder pulls you away through a warp (however you could in theory use a warp augment on another exo and use the exo belt for resources or to cross the multiverse) each type of exo has its own way of being created

so when the exo-meteors crash down they destroy the planet leaving lots of rocks and particles. normal exos are created like planets irl, they just clump up until its eventually big enough to support an atmosphere

lucents and things like that could be different but that’s all still TBD.

Feel free to discuss the TBD things, these are just some ideas I came up with for how we can structure the universe in the later stages


Some good stuff, we have some ideas on Exos that some variation of this could lend itself to those ideas. I will work on putting up the Exo base parameters in here in another topic.

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Are we doing rotating exos or permanent?


To be honest I think we should call them something unique like primes or omegas something of the sort.


It’s all up to the crew of course but I think it would be better as rotating. Plus dragontamer released some ideas of his own which kinda go with what I got

Also a different name for sure but I was just using “exo” as a term since that’s what we call em in boundless