Race translating

So if we plan on having multiple races to choose from, it would make sense that we would need to build some sort of translation device or learn their language

To explain, to learn a planets name/the names of the native plantlife/creatures you would need to somehow learn the language or build some sort of translation device (however having to build a translator to talk to someone or read signs wouldn’t exactly be nice so maybe only a translator for certain things)

Having to do that work to learn stuff might not be the best idea, but it could also give you more things to do 🤷

Any ideas?


Honestly I like this idea. Gives races a meaning and taking a while to learn/interact with other races is neat to.

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I love this idea, I’ll toss some approaches to play with, considering the uncovering/unlocking concept DJ mentioned.

  1. Using real languages, different planets or groups of planets could have real languages applied to their drops/loot/mobs, this also would help people to choose a starter server/planet/system of their own language or a more challengin experience choosing another one.

  2. Using made up languages combining words or group of words from existing languages that would seem to be cohesive, this would work in a way that similarities would give a hint to what the drops/loot/mobs actually are, also cool factor of “I got that reference” in order.

  3. Made up entirely, make one up or dwell in a universe full of derivatives of Klingon, Elvish, etc.

Also languages could work to unlock skills, skill trees, expand functionality of known items, access to new blocks/dops/loot in a planet with a different language you already know.


I also like this idea. I study linguistics as a hobby so, go figure, lol.
In general, I like any game to have some sort of race selection wherein the choice is in some way relevant. Different languages simply makes this more relevant in a fun way.
Variations in class are nice as well.


Love the idea does this mean I have to come up with some alphabets?

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I guess!

however, I just made one based on the Oort text you are free to look at.

I made it during school (I got bored) for fun, since the whole “squares for a language” thing is a neat idea but if your writing by hand it isn’t the fastest. I made a modified version of Oort here.
Like I mentioned, I based it off the Oort language so they are pretty similar. (for example, instead of cubes its lines, and instead of holes between cubes, its tick marks ( ’ ) and instead of the straight line across ones, I made it a bit curved and of course added tick marks when appropriate. the ones that look like a face ( :neutral_face: ) I played around with it a bit. the ones that look like 90 degree triangles are just one cube in a certain spot on the Oort language so I made it a triangle instead lol)

here’s the original Oort language for reference

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This is a cool idea. I could see something like NMS, where you find stones (or scrolls, or something) to learn the languages. These could come from creature drops, or a rare mining block, etc. They could be individual letters, or whole words.

Finding these would add to your proficiency with that language. This could be tied to reading magic scrolls, interacting with npc’s, or even to unlock “forged” abilities on tools and weapons…

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Funny story, I actually got the idea from NMS!

Great idea. I like the idea of picking up stones or tablets to learn a new language or some other race lore. Looking forward to seeing what gets implemented. :grinning: