PvE Gearing Wise

What about an open gearing system where the primary focus is crafting and improving.

For example: Armor/Weapons are not drops but crafted from various materials. You gather/collect raw resource (Twine/String/Leather/Cloth/Metal) and eventually craft your weapon/armor. The armor then can be improved via Tech and/or enchants up to an allotted amount based on the quality of the goods made. This way armor/weapons/accessories are ALL player developed.

For improving the armor:
OlderRace: This is done by gems or enchants but the impact is not as good as the magic or tech races.
Magic Race: This is only done by Enchants
Tech Race: This is only done by Tech
All Races- Creature drops for Environment

Lets say we crafted a Rare Chest Armor piece this has no stats other than providing armor as protection. We are playing a magic race, we could have 100 points to improve the armor. You can use an enchant to improve the stats (Depending on what you want) Enchants can be fixed or random value amounts.

Keeping it vague to allow for critic/comments/expansion but I always had a hard time with playing an orc and receiving armor from a goblin/kobald/or underling lol

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Well,to expand, set certain races have a better ability with certain materials. Different materials could have different affinities for enchants/techs due to their weight/flexibility/innate capabilities. If no actual race is used it could be different branches of the talent tree that provides those capabilities between tech/enchant

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