Possible Block Shape library

Is there a need for a block shape library at this early stage?
By this, I mean that in Boundless after years of development (EA and Live) we are still missing some pretty basic building shapes.
I did some substantial suggestions on the forum over there over the years …
… I am more than willing to place them over here if needed. :smiley:

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These use what is called a Transvoxel Algorithm. There are actually a total of 1,242 possible different cut angles you can get out of a cube. Although not all of them would be worth the effort of coding but many are. We are looking into this as an option to fill the void of possible angles blocks can be chiseled because obviously other games limit it greatly.

Because other games limit it, it is important for all of us to keep in mind we may hit road blocks that keep us from producing some of the shapes possible at least in the beginning. If they are not doing it, there could be a legitimate reason that we won’t discover until we get into development of chiseling.

Keep in mind though chiseling will be a beta or later feature not a pre-alpha or alpha feature. We have been discussing the shapes and chiseling in depth and it is a very complex system.

For reference these are all the block shapes you can get with Transvoxel Algorithms. This sheet shows them all.

Transvoxel.pdf (322.0 KB)