Minecraft: Server Questions

We are exploring the option of putting up a community based minecraft server. What mods would you like to see?

Also for those who HATE the 8 bit graphic style…do you also have texture pack ideas for those who want to make the graphics easier on the eyes.


chisels and bits mod

Are you taking about setting up a Minecraft server for the community or are you bringing up something about Endless? If it’s the former less blocky Avatars and NPCs would get me interested. Smoother blocks with better textures as well. I’d at least give it a shot. I’d be willing to contribute money wise with a small contribution.
I can’t promise to like it but I would give it a shot if it was pretty enough.

Sheesh where do I start… You may be better off just grabbing a prebuilt modpack … but a shortlist …

Mouse Tweaks
Iron Chests
Storage Drawers
Biomes O Plenty
Tinkers Construct
Twilight Forest
Better Achievements
Thermal Foundation
Pams Harvestcraft
Open Blocks
Applied Energistics
Cooking for Blockheads
Immersive Engineering
Aquaculture 2
MrCrayfishs Furniture
Industrial Foregoing
Thermal Expansion
Ice and Fire
Ender Storage
Building Gadgets
Akashik Tome
Mystical Agriculture
Blood Magic
Refined Storage
Dark Utilities
Flux Networks
The One Probe
Macaws Bridges
Extra Utilities

EDIT: May just want to snag something like All The Mods 6 or All the Mods 7

Difference here is ATM 6 has quite a bit more mods and a version of MC behind ATM 7.

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Just FYI you can snag a texture pack but they seldom work too well on modded as the texturepacks are usually made for Vanilla. I know with SphaxDB, they do have addons for mods in their forum area, but they won’t cover all mods.

The negative about that is not all blocks will have texture and the really big downfall is load time and the amount of RAM you need to dedicate to MC to run it. I think the last Modpack I made … I was using the SphaxDB and I had to dedicate a ton of RAM to MC.

How about this? GrungeBDcraft for Minecraft Bedrock - BDcraft.net But blocky is minecraft…no way to get around that unless you re-write the game engine :frowning:


I would give it a shot. You’d have to tell me which version of Minecraft I needed. I have the Java version for sure that I tried. I might have another version but I’m not sure. :thinking: But it’s worth a shot.

O_o shortlist :joy:

I would play but I don’t know much about mods. I always played vanilla

Just keep in mind this idea is to have a community based server that we can game with the Devs.

We could do Vintage story, Creativerse, terasology and other voxel games but so far nothing beats the options with minecraft.

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Well I’m not having a lot of luck finding a game that scratches the right itch on my own so I’m pretty open minded. I mean I sold out and considered Minecraft :astonished::joy:

Way back I was in the same boat. Every time I saw Minecraft it just turned me off those graphics really made it difficult for me to get past as I was a person that really valued graphics highly. I thought about it and I said well a few of my friends are playing it maybe I should give it the good college try and go into it open-minded.

Mind you, I started playing modded Minecraft first, but once I realized there were so many mods and technology, magic, quality of life tweak and just how in-depth it could be I was hooked. There are mod that have been made by rocket scientists, computer geniuses and just a wide-range of great people.

It still holds it’s own even today … minus the graphics. No matter what you do you can’t really make the graphics look much better. I got tired of trying and over time realized its quite beautiful in its own way.

Stay open-minded :slight_smile:

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