Lets talk Block Types. Blocks Yay!

Lets break it out the Science.

There are Three Natural Rock Types. And how they form are very different.

Igneous Rocks - Formed from Molten Rock [Lava cooling] and then Solidifies. So Needless to say you can have special gems and rocks that form around Lava. This would imply Lava could form on the surface which could imply Volcanic eruptions-- do our worlds coming up all have lava on them? If not, how do the lands form?

Special note: You have Intrusive Igneous rocks and Extrusive Igneous rocks as well. Pending if they form on the surface and below.

Examples of Intrusive: Diabase, diorite, habbro, granite, pegmatite, and peridotite.
Examples of Extrusive: Andesite, basalt, dacite, obsidian, pumice, rhyolite, scoria and tuff.

Sedimentary Rocks: image
are from when particles settle out of Water or air by precipitation of minerals from water. This happens in layers of course. So this means low-water areas

Examples can be: Shale, Limestone, Sandstone, Conglomerate, Breccia and Siltstone. Now you can of course make Chemical Sedi stone/rocks. Like Chert, Dolomites, Flint, and Rock salt. And going more organic of course, we have Coal, Diatomite, Dolomites and chalk.

And then we have good ol’ Metamorphic Rocks. Metamorphic rocks form when sedimentary, igneous, or pre-existing metamorphic rocks are changed by heat, pressure, and chemically reactive waters. These rocks are identified by their minerals and texture.

Some examples of this is: Manhattan Schist, Slate, Gneiss, Marble, Quartzite, and Phyllite

So what happens to the rest. We have Sand, gravel, Ice, Wood… Trees are totally another kind of thing for another topic, same as food.


I will look it up but there is an argument between if coal is a rock and others consider its a mineral. I will find it tomorrow. It’s a weird element because it classifies as 2 things in geology. Those may be the wrong classifications but there is something about it. Like I said I will look up in the morning!

A (my) possible suggestion for wood blocktypes :

Endless_WoodBlocktypes.pdf (24.2 KB)


Here is a full list @taarna23 started ages ago. But it has some examples of ideas just the same:

Block Type Ideas

  1. Stone
  2. patterned
  3. banded
  4. striped
  5. stone
  6. porous
  7. crystalline
  8. marble
  9. sandy


  1. silty
  2. sandy
  3. clay
  4. loamy


  1. clay
  2. gravel
  3. sand
  4. Cork (crafted)
  5. volcanic glass/obsidian
  6. fungus
  7. slime mould
  8. sea sponge
  9. mud

Gleam Substitute Ideas

  1. Fulgarite that Glows
  2. phosphorite
  3. lightstone
  4. luminite
  5. star shard/crystal (dim)
  6. moon shard/crystal (light)
  7. sun shard/crystal (bright)


  1. gnarled
  2. timeworn
  3. primordial
  4. primal
  5. shimmering
  6. silky


  1. briar
  2. rough hedge
  3. cactus web
  4. prickle vines


  1. Ice
  2. Compressed ice
  3. packed snow
  4. snow

Gem Blocks

  1. ore (of course)
  2. basic block
  3. ornate block (w/ metals)
  4. faceted block


  1. copper
  2. iron
  3. gold
  4. silver
  5. platinum
  6. titanium
  7. orichalcum
  8. mythril
  9. adamantine
  10. celestial bronze
  11. imperial gold
  12. scarletite


  1. water
  2. lava
  3. acid
  4. poison


  1. spiky
  2. heavy
  3. Feathery
  4. iridescent
  5. broad
  6. ornate
  7. fancy


  1. meadow (with flowers)
  2. field (long/flowing)
  3. yard (shorter)
  4. clover
  5. weeds

I really like the idea of different levels of light from shards this could make some interesting lighting setups.


Like with wood I would like to see aged stone types too please


Please add Thatched (roofing material) to the list also


would this rock information be useful on a science test? I might have to write this down

Maybe … if you want to become a Rock Scientist :innocent:

I fancy seeing metallic alien rocks!