Inventory System..... ideas?

So what are some of the things about inventory system’s you have seen and liked vs ones you’ve seen and didn’t like. Please be detailed, it will aid us in interface design.

Boundless but without the 900 item limitation :slight_smile:
That could be a good starting point.



Very nice,
but please make it sortable by block item and block color …
… so we don’t have to abuse a separate beacon for that :+1: :smiley:


Well there still has to be a max :grinning:

As long as it’s a power of 2 :smiley:
But if you can stack 1024 rocks, perhaps you should be able to stack 8192 sticks?



As far as an inventory systems goes, it would be nice to have a backpack system and also the ability to sort items better.

Minecraft had a mod that allowed you to create backpacks and upgrade them. I think those would be nice to have. They upgraded and had upgrades to size and sorting. You could also specify what they picked up via some filters and also had a void option. The void option would be good if you were mining and only wanting ores, you could simply specify you wanted ores and it would void everything else or just not pick it up.

I also like the idea of compacting items of certain types and also being able to “uncompact” them. Say you have 10 rock blocks you could compact those 10 into “Compact Rock” and thus save on inventory space. There were a few mods that allowed for this in Minecraft where you could have 3 tiers of compacting. Compact Rock, Double Compact, Triple Compact. etc.

A dump all button would be nice also, where you could have a chest open and have a single button click to dump all items into that chest. Maybe even a system where you would dump all items except items in-hand or on hotbar or just items you set as being “set” which cannot be dumped.


I’ll toss some quick concepts:

Deployable backpacks/storage: You have backpacks items that once deployed, they transform into a storage piece to de opened like any other storage but your own inventory.

The ability to destroy items from within your inventory and possibly getting something in return for doing so.

The ability to increase inventory space through tasks/quests/gaining levels/skills.

Mailing system to send items or to offer them for sale, much like The Lord of The Rings Online (literally the same game than WoW, but with lotr stuff)

Filtering capability to ignore items or to collect only some item in particular.


Need a little trash can in the corner.

Shouldn’t have to drop items just to accidentally pick it up again


I would love for a bag that opens up to a black hole so I never have to worry about space again. Then I will hire npcs to organize the loot by color and type.

Honestly, I am up for whatever you feel fits the bill. If you are going to have a ton of blocks/ colors/items some storage system with an Auto sort would be a great help. The other game in which I will not name, I liked that inventory system. Each block taking up one space in a grid, and stacking to a predetermined limit.

Having storage areas the accept blocks only,metals, gems, etc would be wonderful


I am working on the inventory and if anyone has any examples of things they like in other games please post screenshots and explain in detail about the features that interest you the most.


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How about this?

Standard inventory grid of 4x5 squares, like boundless. Except when it comes to the storage containers:

Craftable Stone Chest (Holds only stone)
Craftable Wood Chest (Holds Only Wood)
and so on.

Then backpacks to expand on the inventory but only holds certain amount of items. Can only have one backpack at a time.


I am not sure about this part,albeit a setting that let’s you contr this? So we don’t lock people into having millions of chests.


Or make the chests be different sizes. Like Chest, Storage shelves, Storage bins, etc. A filter to only put “Wood” into a chest will work as well.


Lol I forgot to hit reply.

I’d be stoked for a separate inventory for things.

Eso had a craft bag for subscribers that made my life less complicated. I’d add a search bar (don’t remember if it had one). Ores wood some drops anything used in actual crafting would magically appear here.

Additional tools/weapons/armor, blocks or build items would go into your main inventory. Anything you’d be able to place like furniture roofing windows goats etc. Or

Equipped inventory. Armor weapons tools cosmetics even your favorite brand tortillas can go here. For tools, they can appear in the hot bar (if applicable)


I remember a mod for Minecraft that I loved, it an advanced technology mod that converted items in inventory to energy and stored it in a “matrix” of sorts…could be made to fit enormous amounts of material in essentially a virtual space. If Endless was a world where dimensional magic/technology was relatively developed. You could start with your average backpack/pouch for the start but you could have enchanters with the right skills/blueprints make your classic bags of holding where the inventory is a pocket dimension the pouch/bag leads to. Different abilities in that technology/magic could increase that size or allow for storage of living things versus only inanimate. The crowning achievement would be a dimensional vault. A pocket dimension of fairly large size that can be constructed on one of your properties or at least a machine that generates or maintains it. Bags or chests can be made to link to that central vault. Upgrades to the vault could increase number of connecting items as well as the size of the space allowed. Debatable if it could be done but maybe the main device could have a portal that you can walk into the vault for other actions related to sorting or other inventory related feats. Heck you could feasibly section off areas devoted to inventory that goes to crafting machines made for it or at least modified to connect directly to the vault. Maybe go in and actually “decorate” the vault with shelves linked to machines…make a form of automated production chain by sharing parts of the storage shelves/space.

I think the idea is to be able to progressively make the inventory easier to use as technology or the magic skills become more advanced. Leverage the inventory as part of crafting production. Maybe as part of the idea of different trunks for different types of material storage you can allow the player a “primary” bag slot which is what opened when this hit whatever key in for inventory and have a set of bag/chest slots at the bottom that they can fill with bags/chests that connect to different areas of the vault so it essentially sorts the materials and makes them available to any other machine also connected to that section of the vault.


The “starting” inventory can/should be pretty basic, with improvements unlocked through gear, skills, or similar. In the tutorial you get a choice between three basic improvements - extra capacity, bigger hotbar, etc - and shows that you can build the others afterward. So don’t assume everything people are asking for should be the way it starts.

So with that said, here’s a grab bag of concepts that would be nice to see:

  • Others have mentioned an inventory-native ‘trash can’ slot - the idea of being able to junk stuff wherever you are instead of just needing to throw it on the ground and accidentally pick it up again. +1 to the trash, but that tree can have further upgrades. A ‘recycler’ trash can convert junked stuff into some form of scrap or base material that can be used. A ‘black hole’ trash takes the idea that if you acquire more than the max of whatever item type(s) are specified, any extras automatically get trashed/recycled (think picking up all the junk rock/gravel/sand/etc when mining). An ‘expanded’ trash lets you specify more than one item type for the black hole effect, etc.

  • Hotbars are neat, but I very much liked the Terraria concept of ‘smart’ tool selection based on what block type you are looking at. It also didn’t require you to even have the correct tool in the hotbar, it would just pick the first ‘correct’ tool type for the job from your inventory. Like the trash system this could come as tiered quality of life upgrades - starting with just a tip of what tool is needed for a block when you use the smart key, to swapping to the first such tool in the hotbar, to swapping to a tool from your inventory without needing a hotbar space.

  • In Minecraft mods that supported automated movement of items between chests, we would always set up a “Send stuff home” system - in Minecraft terms it would be an Ender chest or bag that you’d access where you are, drop in all the stuff you want to send home, and back at your base that chest would be emptied into other storage so you could fill the ender chest again. Having some sort of a “send items home” system like that would be a more advanced item/skill/technique, but a clear quality of life improvement when achieved.

  • People want/expect chests or equivalent ‘dumb’ storage as the first tier of placeable inventory they will experience in the game, and there’s no reason to deny that expectation. Dumb chests have a place in the game as something to expand upon and grow from as your character and builds progress. You can come up with a multitude of incrementally more advanced chest types - bigger capacity, selective contents, automated processing of contents, text/visual labelled chests, pick-uppable chests that retain their inventory, etc. I’d caution against jumping STRAIGHT to the Applied Energistics style of ‘inventory as data’ system - that should be closer to ‘endgame’. Intermediary steps could involve a ‘Chest Manager’ block that lets you view/search the contents of chests in a radius around it, etc.

  • I am currently making the assumption that the character will have a standard ‘bulk inventory’, a hotbar/tool wheel of usable items, and a separate set of ‘what is currently equipped’ - i.e. wearable slots, etc. In the vein of unlocking more options as you progress, swappable gear sets would be useful. For something more advanced, you might consider the concept from Tribes 2 where ‘inventory’ stations were walkable pads - you step onto them and it replaces your current loadout with whatever it was configured to give. This could be a neat way to swap between ‘mining’ and ‘hunting’ roles, or to quickly ‘clear’ your inventory by dumping all excess items not part of the loadout into adjacent storage.

That’s it for off the top of my head for now, hopefully some of this is useful for discussion.


@JTWrecker I agree with most of your ideas and appreciate the input.

  • Trash Slot and “Void” trash idea - I love both of these ideas and mostly likely both of these will be implemented in some form. I also plan to have a sort and a filter on all inventories where it is feasible.

  • The overall inventory system and hot bar UI isn’t finalized yet by any means and I am sure we will go through a few iterations of both. I like the idea of a “smart tool”.

  • This is one I don’t think we will wind up implementing (this may change), but our current thinking would be if you were on a specially spawned planet you could technically just farm it over and over and over without ever leaving and this doesn’t seem feasible with our current plans. I personally am not against it though if implemented correctly.

  • “Dumb” chests are going to be a thing, I would like to see upgradeable chests too that could increase storage slots and maybe even upgrading chest functionality like I mentioned above with the sorting and filtering features. An Applied Energistics idea is something I’ve thrown around several times and even showcased it to the team once or twice, but of course this would not be accessible until late game.

  • Tribes… that was a nice reminder of a game I long forgot. Minecraft had a mod that allowed hot swapping gear loadouts.

With all that said, seeing as how you know of Applied Energistics, I am a huge fan of modded MC, there were so many great ideas in some of those mods that I’d really love to replicate.

  • Tinkers Construct and a few of its addons - Making tools and adding properties to the tools and being able to upgrade them was just fun.

  • Applied Energistics - The ability to have a whole inventory system in a minimalistic sort of way allowed for more organization without the need for a 1500 plot storage area. I like options! Being able to make a large storage area is impressive at times and I would love to have that still along with a more compact system if I chose to use that.

  • Logistic Pipes - Now other mods have done this one better, but the ability to transfer items from a chest to a machine or another chest automatically would be cool. It would also allow those players that love to have the whole “factory” idea possible.

  • Pam’s Harvestcraft - Combine this mod with cooking for blockheads and it was just great. I loved having the ability to gather tons of different seeds for food, growing that and then combining those foods to create dishes. It sounds almost silly, but it was addicting at times. Combined with some other mods for watering crops and some automated farming it was just fun. Plus the bonuses that some of the food gave was great.

Anyways I’m totally off-topic here. Thanks for the inventory input!


Okay you guys have me drooling over new inventory options. Love all that stuff. I hope we are able to see some of it implemented in game at some point. :grin:


I mostly liked the inventory system of Boundless. What I personally liked the most was there was no weight restriction. Building with weight restrictions on other games really takes the joy out of building IMO.
Now I can maybe see how in the PVP worlds how weight restriction could be important but there are others here that probably have better ideas on PVP.

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Important for me would be Just one Kind of Like Stone goes into a Stack and will Not be Mixed or to have the Option to do so.