In Game Language Font Competition

Hello Everyone!

So our first competition!

So the first race in this game is Fulgarians, who live on Fulgar and are born of Fulgarite(real photos of fulgarite below). Keeping in mind fulgarite is where the Fulgarians get their ability to use and manipulate electricity and energy.

Fulgarite in nature is created by lightning hitting sand high in cylica. If the sand flys in the air it can be crystallized in flight creating some cool formations.

So with that in mind lets see who can design an A B C to start an in game font!

Good Luck!

am I making a font or writing a backstory lol?

No we have writers for the back story. Imagine a language and create an A B and C for the language.

ok then, will do.

extra words because character minimums I guess.

Here ya go: Fulgarian Alphabet - Album on Imgur

(They’re all white because Imgur’s background is dark)

so with the language, they can’t really talk (since they’re made of sand/silica), and instead they’ll carve things in the ground nearby.

These are more temporary runes (easier to read and remember), but for permanent things they’ll use slightly more complex ones (labeled in the album) that can support multiple lines of text.

I also went ahead and made the first 5 letters, just because.

PS: I don’t think you really need that many pictures lol