If you can define the game's name

If you could replace the word “Endless” in the game name with any word with the exception of crafting and rpg words, what would the word be?

Sounds like a trick question to me lol :joy: I can’t think of anything at the moment. :thinking:

You mean that searious ?

If yes would have to think about that.

Thinking of the concept, Endless is a nice name, if we didn’t have the comparison of Boundless being so close.

I think some names like these below could work.,


Just some I can think of [and some that came up in discussion earlier].

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I liked Essence and Cosmos the best out of those. Maybe we should consider two or three words for a name?
Curious as to why we are considering a name change though. Is it that other game with the same name?


Cosmos online would Sound great too and would be good to say in vids or Promotion. Just my oponion


We are discussing a name change for a number of reasons, but the core reason is because we want to differentiate ourselves, our game and our brand from other brands on the market.


I’d go with any 6 (or less) letter .com domain :slight_smile:
So I would go backwards:

  • find 6 letter available .com domain
  • pick on of those as name

I found and got a 6 letter domain for myself and according to GoDaddy, it is worth a small fortune now :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: Small fortune = estimated value of 1769 USD


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I was going for 7 letter. Odds are always more appealing :smiley:

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“Cosmic Tale of Essence “

A word salad but I like the combo.

Beyond Singularity,


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More word suggestions:

  • Globule
  • Spheroid
  • Yoop
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another suggestion;

Parallax Boundaries


Fellowship online

Barkada online (means group of friends)

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Mugen, Japanese word for infinite

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I really like the idea of a Japanese name or another language. I think International appeal is important. Boundless seemed more popular in Europe than the US by my observations. I could be wrong. Having a name that isn’t English could broadcast that inclusive attitude. But I’m not a marketing guy so my apologies. Lol :joy:


I think IT Most of the European Players are on Playstation and on Playstation you Don t have much Games Like that so i think its because of that IT became more success full in Europe . But i Don t know the real Numbers so its only a thought from me and a Feeling because Most Guys i See have PSN ids under their Name and you can See that only on Playstation Not on PC .

The name should be english or Something really Special .

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Maybe whatever you name the universe should be the name of the game. Or maybe something like Ark of Creation.

Eventually we plan on having more than 1 universe.


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