Gleambows, it’s people, and it’s lore

Gleambows just come out of the sky during certain events. It would make sense to have backstory to it, and maybe even more. over several months I have developed a backstory and unique races behind these fantastic types of meteors, so here you go!

It’s people: gleambowdians focus less on tools and crafting, and instead focus themselves on a type of “magic”. They use their soul to enhance themselves to their will, having seven different “boosts”. Each one associated with a different color (ROYGBIV). However they can only have one or two skill pages since they focus so much on their soul magic. Not only can they level up, they can level up their soul. However it only levels up the soul type you are using (so if your a tank you would want to use Red aka “Determination”, that way that type of soul magic gets stronger. More on that later)

The Darkeners: these are gleambowdians whose souls are full of hatred, and nothing else. They have incredible strength and seek to destroy those who have wronged them (basically, gleambowdians/darkeners are enemies, I’ll focus more on that in the lore section) they use their hatred to destroy the light (gleambows) and weaponize “hatred gleambows” to strike against the gleambowdians. Since their soul is only hatred, they cannot change their soul magic.

Soul magic:
Determination (red): determination gives the ability to resist death. The stronger the trait is, the more damage they can take before dying (turning dark)
Bravery (orange): bravery allows the user to gain extra strength and speed. The stronger the trait, and the less people around them, the more damage it does and the more speed you have. (Since bravery is about being brave, if there is less people around the person using it, they are more “brave”)
Justice (yellow): justice allows the user to gain higher defense and strength when fighting a darkener, or something who has killed a nearby gleambowdian. The stronger the trait, the bigger the boosts.
Kindness (green): kindness allows the user to give those around them extra health when using something like a health bomb. Once again, the stronger the trait the higher the healing.
Patience (baby blue): patience allows the user to gain extra loot luck when doing an activity other than hunting. The stronger the trait, the more rare drops from things like mining/gathering.
Integrity (indigo): integrity allows the user to be honest with themselves and others, allowing them to reduce tax on shop stands, as well as spending less tax as a buyer when using the trait. The stronger the trait, the less tax for shopping.
Perseverance (violet): perseverance allows the user to keep going, making deconstruction resin more effective. The stronger the trait, the less items you lose from forging.
Hate (black): hate is the element of darkeners. You become a darkener when you die, however you turn back into a gleambowdian when you get healed. If you die as a darkener, your still a darkener. As a darkener, you have a little bit of every trait, getting stronger by leveling up. Darkeners also use an alternate skill page, and have alternate skill points.

When you switch between darkener and gleambowdian, you still keep all levels and soul trait levels on a “profile” so when you switch back you still have them.
When you switch you still keep coin, plots, etc. however if you have gleambowdian tech in your inventory when you die it becomes darkener tech, and vice versa.

The gleambowdians were the only race within their universe for a long time. They were a thriving race, using soul magic as part of their daily lives. During an experiment to create a god-like control system, known as the gleam control, a gleambowdian lab quickly turned into a supernova, turning everyone on planet minolight into what’s known as the “first darkeners”. Not knowing what happened, the darkeners just ignored it since the planet was still perfectly intact, and the gleam control was complete. However when a gleambowdian from another planet went to check out what happened, the darkeners felt a strong urge to destroy them. They tried to get rid of that urge, but when they checked their soul, the hate took over. The gleambowdian managed to save the gleam control and retreated to tell others what happened.

Gleam control: the gleam control is a spherical superpower, allowing one to supercharge their soul and take control of the gleambows. However, with great power comes great responsibility.

Reviving darkeners: the gleambowdian managed to knock a darkener out and run tests on Them to stop gleambowdians from being converted to darkeners. They managed to find out that their soul health was -1, meaning they had passed beyond death itself. However, a bit of healing does the trick as they quickly found out.

The war over the gleam control: the darkeners swiftly became a thriving civilization, but both races wanted the power known as the gleam control. They fought over it, building titan-like structures to guard the gleam control. The gleam control is a great source of power, so Titans we’re just being fed the power needed to defend the gleam control. It was a constant battle, having to take down titans and make their own Titans. It’s still a battle raging, and you can help your race by going to the pvp planet marked with the grey soul-sphere known as the gleam control.

Benefits for the PVP: you can get lots of exp and parts to war-Titans, which are artificial Titans very much different from regular Titans.

Travel: to travel, instead of portals They would use soul-charged cannons to launch gleambows/darkbows which have been hollowed out to fit people inside. The cannons, if charged enough, could also jump to the exo belt and even other universes. (Although doing that would be very expensive and time consuming, and jumping that far might also require power from destroyed war-titans)

All of this information has been from my nights with insomnia where I just stay up and come up with this stuff. All of this is complicated and definitely for way down the road. This could definitely change things as a whole, with other races being able to adapt their technology and each race having different opinions on the war and everything.


Another thing to add: gleambowdians are created from gleambows, their soul magic coming from the fact that they posses 7 different traits represented by color. The different traits come from the different types of gleambows, giving variation to the soul. (To spice things up, when a player makes a gleambowdian character, it could have a couple random trait levels, like 10 levels that sort into each trait randomly because they might have had more from one gleambow and less from another) (Of course I already explained how darkeners work)

We need to come up with a new name than gleambows and gleam

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For sure! It’s all TBD, but since that’s what we all known them as in boundless I’m using it for reference

To add to some lore bluraven did

Some of the souls migrated through the black hole were infused with gleambow magic. The gleambows were created through the combination of materials and color. They were also given a core from meteors that got spaghetti-fied in the event horizon. The many combinations of all of these things made gleambows different from the normal meteors. Though the gleambows were not all alike, they were somehow connected. Possibly because they all have the same core. Because of that, gleambows had a type of “magic” that filled the traditional souls of the migrants with color and difference

Sorry if it’s kinda jumbled, I just like to have fun taking super-natural things and giving them enough backstory to make sense. Plus I think it would be neat lol

Edit: I was thinking for the name of the actual beings, anima (Latin for soul) could be included in the name. For gleam/gleambows/darkbows, we could also try some Latin words there too