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Ok so this is just a fun little question. The result is not neccesarily going to impact the final name of the game however I wanted us to get a little creative.

Currently the code name for the game is Endless. What would you call it instead while in Alpha Stage?

Remember the main race is called Fulgarians and the Planet is Fulgar and them as well as rest the universe and its injabitants are born from Fulgarite. This doesn’t neccesarily impact what the name should be either. It is after all a building, crafting and adventure rpg.



A symbol of endlessness/eternity. But also apt in this case for being representative of the cycle of life - death then rebirth. Though it’s origin game it is based off may die, it lives on in the birth of it’s successor.


It’s believed that lightning strikes introduced phosphorus early on, making life as we know it possible so along this lines I’m thinking: Fulanima, a mix between fulgarite and anima, latin for soul.


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I would say something like Fulgar: Creatio Ex Nihlo.

The race is basically made out of nothing, so why not making it part of the title?

In Honor of Brown Town and portal seekers…

Brown Town Seekers : Alpha Edition

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“Beyond Colossal”
“Intelligent Life”
Me bad with names boop