Endless Voxels Professions Ideas

As some things are progressing along…What professions would you like to see in Endless Voxels?

I’d like to see a researcher - This profession specializes in discovery. From a top level view this profession would be one who can find and unlock skills/abilities/crafting recipes/schematics. They would dig/farm/investigate/craft etc to get parchment/scrolls that can be combined or transcribed. Lets say a scroll of fireball is found. The researcher can then transcribe the known scroll and sell it for other casters to learn.


Like that Idea , If you have Lets say healers and damage wizards they Need to get These srolls to learn their abilitys which makes IT more MMO Play .

I would Like to See something like a Tank WHO really Takes all the agro and damage Dealers which Re more more powerful.

What about a bard role WHO can chant for some buffs for the group . And His Text for the chants Need to learn AS Well Same procedure AS the wizards , the researcher discripts the Texts and He learns them so the researcher would be needed twice already .

Well bard would be more class or skill related. Was thinking more crafting based right now.

OK then i missunderstood, but perhaps an Option too .

What about a Thief WHO can craft lookpicks to Open chests.

From the discord discussion, i found IT a great Idea to have Smiths to repair Tools and weapons
And weapons with Lets say a killcounter on it :wink::wink::wink:

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I’d very much love to see something like Botanist, Rancher, or even a geneticist. (non-combat)

Someone who can raise plants/animals and cross breed them to discover new breeds/colors and/or change their shape/aesthetic or quality of produce. And then sell the new species, or products on the market to participate in the economy. Something like how mutations work in ARK. Or even how deco plant growing works in Ultima Online.