Endless Online Minecraft Java Version Server!

Step 1:
Go to https://download.curseforge.com/ and download the CurseForge addon Client
Step 2:
Install the CurseForge Client
Step 3:
Run CurseForge Client
Step 4:
Click on MineCraft installation
Step 5:
Search for “All the Mods 6” and install it.
Step 6:
Then launch minecraft from the curseforge client by clicking play under the “ALL THE MODS 6” image when you hover!
Step 7:
It will take a bit to load about 2-4 minutes. Once loaded click on “Multiplayer”
Step 8:
Click “Add Server”
Step 9:
Add a server name we use “EndlessCraft”
Step 10:
Add the server address →
Step 11
Save and Join the server!

If you have any issues, please post in the discord Other Games Category and Endless Server Help!

Bedrock edition (Non-PC) server will be posted seperatly.


Yay :tada: castle building practice for me

Server rules?

No Bombs. And No Groot building.

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Sorry, but I’m only comfortable with one of those rules.