Endless: Inventory Ideas request

Ok so as we are working on the inventory and we want your input. Give us your inventory ideas and provide the following details along with your idea:

  1. Sketch of your idea
  2. Describe and Explain any unique functionality that is not a standard inventory function.
  3. Be detailed

We will take what you give us and incorporate some of it into the interface.
Oh and don’t worry there is already going to be a trashcan slot!


Maaan I would love to see more inventory hotkeys like modded Minecraft has (vanilla has many, but not all of them). Not really sure I can sketch this? More a functionality idea than anything.

Left-click picks up a full stack.

Right-click picks up half the stack.

Right-click (while holding an item) on an empty slot or a slot with the same item drops one item at a time.

Shift-click to move all of a stack to another inventory.

Shift-double-click with empty hand moves all of the type of item you are hovering over into another inventory. (Hover over stone block, have multiple stacks in inventory, shift-double-click moves them all)

While holding a stack of items, holding left-click and dragging onto other slots (empty or containing the same item) will equally distribute all items in that stack to however many slots you hover over. (e.g. Holding stack of 64, drag stack over two slots, 32 are placed in each slot. With three, it would place 21 in two and 22 in the last, then with hovering over four slots, it would place 16 in each. And so on. You get the gist of it.)

While holding a stack of items, holding right-click and dragging onto other slots (empty or containing the same item) will drop one of each item over every slot the item stack is dragged over. (This is VERY useful for quickly setting up chests / parts of chests to contain only one type of item.)

Holding shift-left-click with an empty hand and dragging over inventory slots quick-moves all items you drag into the separate inventory.