Endless Game: Question Thread

If you have any questions on the game. Please keep in mind…the game is in an EARLY development stage. For questions, post em here! We will do our best to get to all of the questions but more importantly. Keep this open as a repository and such.


Well done …
… nice upgrade for the game logo today :smiley: :+1:

Is the website currently offline, I can’t reach it anymore?


Unofficial response: I believe there is another version in the works so forums will work but website wise, there is some plans in the works on that.


Fast question whenever anyone has the time to answer :slightly_smiling_face:
Possibly a stupid question.
Will this game wind up on console eventually?


Being an Unreal based project… possibility is high. Not counting it out but an option is on the table


Official response: We are currently working on a new website. We hope to have it up soon. The new site will be limited at first and will grow as the game does…


Is Endless Online the final name for the game, or the working title? (much like Oort Online was).


Two questions about the world and blocks themselves.

1.) How will worlds work? Will there be one main, huge world that everyone plays on as an MMO? Or will they be “planetized” like Boundless with a ton of different smaller worlds disguised as planets?

2.) If there are multiple worlds, all with unique landscapes, colors, environments, biomes, et cetera… will Endless be following the same pattern as Boundless with blocks all having unique colors? Or will they follow closer to a MC route where, if a block is a certain color, it’s always that color, and perhaps there are more unique blocks to add different colors and textures as you go.


As of right now. Endless is the official name.


Okay weeelll just so you are aware, there appears to be some active (I think mobile app?) game called Endless Online, so it has already taken the EndlessOnline subreddit. Just something to think about.


Yes have Seen that too IT released 2002 or Something Like that

  1. From what I understand it will be planets/Worlds but a little different than boundless. Planet networks and such, Quest/story areas, and player mayhem areas :slight_smile:

  2. Each Planet will be unique. Plan is to have planets that are race based and each with their own theme and colors.


I do hope they aren’t 100% randomly generated, but rather there would be a set amount of worlds that have a lot of personal curation (after perhaps being randomly generated).

I think one thing that made me sad in Boundless is no real story… no real lore… and that was difficult to put into the game when the worlds were totally random. No random NPCs, towns, points of interest, places to explore apart from landscape… it was randomly generated, then players populated it, and that’s it.

I know you guys are focusing on lore and story in this game. I think that’s great. I hope the worlds have more personal touches from the developers. We shouldn’t have the players write your lore for you.


Hey guys, I got link to these forums today from an enthusiastic friend and to be honest I am quite confused, and reading the forums (and the trademark announcement) did not help.

Is there any connection to the established (and trademarked) Endless franchise from Amplitude/Sega?

Hello Element and welcome!

No, this is not connected to the Endless Franchise by Amplitude/Sega. Nor is this connected to the MMORPG Endless-Online.

This game is trademarked here in the USA by Rabbid Games, which is a small indie company.

Hey Ardele,
thanks for the clarification! Im a sucker for sandboxes, and since the untimely demise of Stellar Overload looking for something fresh in the voxel space, looking forward with anticipation!

Out of curiosity: dont you guys worry that the project might face a similar issue as Hazelight did recently, being forced to abandon their trademark for “It Takes Two” after pressure from Take-Two?

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There is always a chance with this stuff in being challenged by larger corporations. So from my eyes…there is always a risk. But from my conversations with the team, there is always a possibility but its not something they are worried about at this time. The legal team pretty much did the research and gave the approval on going after the endless.online trademark.