Dodge bomb idea

I told dragon this one but I’ll post it just in case

Basically, a dev or someone would set up the area for dodge bombs. Every bomb thrown inside the dodge bomb area gives off a “tracker” effect to players within the blast radius of a bomb. The tracker tracks who hit them last so if someone dies the person who killed them gets some sort of point, and with a certain number of points you could get something like a powerup
The powerups could be like “flying for 5 seconds” or “3 bombs per throw for 20 seconds” And of course the host would set it up so it matches the type of arena

Dodge bombs is super fun on its own but if we expanded on it it could become even better


@DJDancecraft we are going to have you work with story writer @OwlsKeep (our main story righter) to tie dodge bomb arenas into the game some how.You have been one of if not the main driving force behind dodge bombs and I believe that community loves them so much that it would be great to tie it into the story some way. However that is purely up to @OwlsKeep. I have explained the premise of the basic ideas behind dodge bombs to her.

But regardless it should be a staple that is carried over some how some way.


Wait, so I gotta make lore for dodge bombs? Give me a couple days there lol

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Oh god…here it comes!

DJ tosses a bomb and Yells:

“Your ass is the bomb!”



@DragonTamer i got a couple videos on dodge bomb competitions on my YouTube channel DJDancecraftV (just in case @OwlsKeep needs some more info on how it works)

That’s… the worst/best pickup line ever :joy:

No you’ll work with the story writer lol

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going back to this subject, I have been playing an alternative to dodge bombs in Minecraft recently and I’m thinking one of the ideas could be temporarily turning off your hitbox AKA bombs don’t detonate on you for a certain amount of time after getting a kill or something. another idea would be for in something like a free-for-all you could get “repulsors” that you could activate upon your choosing basically just sending anyone near you in the air/ away from you