Creating weapons in game

Tinkers construct and thaumcraft are two of my favorite Minecraft mods. Construct for the actual smelting of ores and creating weapon pieces to fit together. And thaum craft for harvesting elements from the world mixing them to create something new and bottling it. Really gives you that feel of being in a world of magic.

What’s the plans for Endless Online in these areas or is it to soon to tell.


I think it is still a little too early to say for sure, even though we have started some serious discussions around our crafting system.

I am familiar with both Tinkers and Thaum and loved them both. I like the idea behind the differentiating weapon and tool parts as it allowed you to create a weapon or tool you really enjoyed and if you had the Tinkers addon it even allowed for more modifications and tweaking which just makes crafting weapons and tool more fun.

We haven’t really delved into how we want to handle magic just yet, but I do use many Minecraft mods (and many other games) as inspiration for nearly everything we discuss. We plan to come up with our own magic system and I am excited to see what we produce.

Keep up your input and ideas as we would always like to hear what people desire in the game.