Builder's Wand / "Place Multiple Blocks at a Time" Tech

I’ve played Minecraft and Boundless extensively.

Minecraft allows you to mine extremely fast given the right circumstances of tools + beacon effect.

Boundless allows you to mine dang 3x3 holes at a time.

NEITHER GAME has an option (in the base game, not talking mods) to build faster / in a larger amount than a single block at a time.

I don’t know exactly how the game will be set up, and what sort of technologies Endless will have, but man if we have magic or cool technology, I would absolutely love something that allows you to place multiple blocks at a time.

There are a lot of ways you could choose to tackle that problem, many of them some really cool and useful ideas for builders to help save them time. Maybe we could discuss different ways that could be implemented in this thread.

Edit: The first reply to this thread has MY idea for a really cool type of “Builder’s Wand” in Endless. :slight_smile:

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Some thoughts off the top of my head:

1.) A single type of craftable tool (possibly with higher tiers that allow more to be placed at a time?) that you can use to select a type of block from your inventory. It has configurable shapes you can set up for it to build for you, and a “ghost preview” of the blocks appears when you look at a block, showing you how it will look when you place it.

You want to build a floor? You can choose long, straight lines to be placed, or you can choose 3x3, 4x4, 5x5 (whatever the limits are) to place down at a time.

You want to build a wall? You can do the same, but vertically.

You want to repeat a specific, unique pattern? It can do that too!

Craftable Tiers:
Perhaps if there are different tiers of this tech / magic tool, higher tiers allow you to place more amount of blocks at a time. (Such as tier 1 = up to 3 at a time (very basic version), tier 2 = up to 9 (so a flat 3x3 max), tier 3 = up to 16 (so a flat 4x4 max) and tier 4 up to 25 at a time (a flat 5x5 max).

How does it know what shape to build?:
Perhaps the tool would have a GUI where you “build” the shape (perhaps with an option to save certain shape configurations to quickly select later?) and then you select that shape, allowing you to build in the world with it.

Tool Fueling?:
Maybe the tool would have to be “recharged” in some way, whether through “magical energy” or fuel, so you have to make sure you have the resources to keep it powered.

Multiple Blocks and Patterns:
Perhaps the tool allows you to select multiple blocks at a time and choose where they go in the block GUI configuration? so I want to make a pattern of stone, sand, and dirt. I choose in the GUI where they go in the pattern, then it’ll make the pattern that way when placed in the world.

What if you don’t have enough blocks?:
Also, let’s say you don’t have enough of the selected block in your inventory. There are two ways you could go. Either it won’t place anything and say you need more of that block, or it places the blocks up to the amount you have, leaving some gap you have to fill once you get more.

Basically, I want there to be drawbacks that require a bit of work/upkeep, but it still be an incredibly useful tool for builders. I feel like builders often get kinda shafted in these sorts of games—perhaps because it’s a difficult sort of thing to code—but I believe making some really useful tool for builders similar to what I’ve posted would be SUCH a great, unique addition to this game.

I started off writing this as though I had any other ideas, but honestly this is my favorite sooo I’m just leaving this for now. Would love to hear some of your thoughts!

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great idea and would help a lot to build

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I have been thinking about this one for quite some time and had some ideas around it based on previous games I have played.

I imagine Boundless will have such a tool where maybe not only can you build walls and floors but maybe cubes, hollow cubes and even spheres and a few other shapes. Letting the tool remove blocks is needed, you could use the tool to make a hollow cube this is basically four walls a floor and a ceiling and then you could remove some blocks for the door.

Some of my ideas were:

  • Mirroring - Would allow you to make hollow cubes. Placing a wall would create another wall opposite of it.
  • Single block placement, Walls, Floors, Ceilings
  • Diagonal Lines and Walls
  • Slopes, Cubes, Circles, Cylinders and Spheres
  • Randomized block placement - Could be based on selected blocks in inventory or in the tool

Maybe you could even allow it to replace blocks. So say you have a wall of rock, you could use the tool to highlight the wall and replace it with wood or any other block.

Quite a few possibilities here.


very intresting aspect or option that would revolute " building games "

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I REALLY loved the way Boundless placed blocks. I liked the fact that there was a little cube that turned bigger after placement. I didn’t care about the ridiculousness of realism in this matter.
I also liked placing one block at a time so I could micromanage the hell out of everything if I wanted. :joy:
I like the idea of a tool that can place multiple objects such as a wand. It could be useful.
I’m still a novice when it comes to blueprints in building but I think that blueprints are VITAL for this game. Blueprints are very popular and I can see myself using them from time to time. Now I would gamble that there’s peeps here with better knowledge of blueprints so I will leave the suggestions to them. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I always thought boundless would have blueprints system but sadly never happened. It’s such a good way to market and sell your builds in game. This is what you need for build. place items in chest and place your markers on the ground in the correct whatever by whatever and it will auto generate the build or very least show a template. But prefer to auto build it since not everyone has the means to build what they like. Before they get bored. Lol


AoE building sounds interesting :). Placing 9 blocks at a time?



Empyrion had a pretty cool blueprint system where it would require you to “feed” the blueprint materials and once you have all the materials it would allow you to build and place the blueprint. I liked the idea as it doesn’t clutter up storage or inventory space.


Blueprints will be a great Thing to have so you can build your trademark Instant again :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning: Like a Hub Design (TNT or Pharaos Network ) AS example in another Game.


And as the game evolves worlds may have to be destroyed to make room for updated worlds. having a blueprint system will make migration to other planets a lot easier for all players.


I think it would be cool if there were worlds with known death dates but some advantage to building on them.

Maybe worlds with flight that only last for 2 months and are therefore a good test build planet.

Worlds with hostile mobs that attack and destroy your base, but the world’s hot atmosphere makes workshop machines run 20% faster (or even 5% cheaper for mass crafts) and the world has a 6 month lifespan.

Dying worlds that are the only place you can successfully grow certain crops on.