Blocks spawning mobs

How about having biome specific blocks. These blocks could spawn particular mobs.

stone/Stone variations

Like grass from a grassly land biome can spawn sheep if you place enough blocks in a certain light condition.
Stone blocks placed (Lets say 150+ of them) in light conditions 50% or less can spawn underground creatures.

This idea is borrowed from Creativerse as you can create dungeons or mob spawners for farming. But it only is for basic materials and such. Killing directly is faster and more efficient.


Kinda like Terraria where if you have corruption placed anywhere outside of corruption it calls those damn worms?

Pretty much that’s the idea :grin:


There would have to be restrictions on it so it couldn’t be abused however it might be something worth exploring down the road.

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Understood. Creativerse limits what spawns and considers the player placed blocks as part of the active chunks. So basically the placed blocks are factored into the world mob spawning rules.


Are you guys keeping the idea from Minecraft where most hostile mobs in the main world only spawn under certain light level values?

Honestly, I kind of hope for this and prefer it. Using characters in Boundless trying to gather stuff from higher planets was always annoying because hostile mobs constantly spawned everywhere, all the time.

Day and night feel immensely different in Minecraft than they do in Boundless, so it would be cool to keep that mechanic. :slight_smile:

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That is pretty much my idea is borrowed from Creativerse.

Surface (Daytime light level dirt block spawns goats)
Surface (Nighttime light level dirt block spawns zombie)

Each block can spawn a particular mob and day/night can be a variation or different mob.

But what if you had talent points to pretty much go for a walk in the woods and the creatures wouldn’t bother with you? -200% damage to mobs BUT your threat radius is that of an Ant :slight_smile: