About the Endless Community Ideas category

The Community Ideas Category is for submitting game ideas to the team for potential inclusion into the game.

First and foremost we promise that we will look at everyone’s ideas, however we cannot promise everything that gets submitted will be used. Keep in mind we are creating lore around the game and not all things in games as we know are bound to just “Mechanics” some mechanics do require story in order to make sense. Also we have to make sure that everything we put in is of quality and just because we don’t use something this week, this month or this year doesn’t mean that it could come down the pike later on.

So to keep all of this cival, fair and from becoming a circus here are a few rules that everyone must abide by.

  1. Realize that access to the category is a privilege!

  2. If you complain because your idea isn’t being used and make a huge fuss your access will temporarily be revoked. If it becomes a recurrent issue you can be banned from the category permanently.

  3. Please be clear and make sure you clearly and effectively submit your idea. We would suggest opening up notepad and working on the idea until you have the post really well written to submit your ideas. This way we are sure that we have the best look of your functionality/story/idea to understand your idea in its entirety. In this situation more is better than less.

  4. Responding and adding to threads is welcome, however please keep the posts on topic. To keep these topics clean when we go through them from time to time irrelevant posts will be deleted from each posts feed. We need stuff organized and not cross referencing and mixing general chit chat or other non relevant information to the current topic.

  5. Belittling or putting down peoples ideas is strictly forbidden! This will result in an immediate extended 1 year ban from the category for this behavior.